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Our far-out goal is to be recognized among Omaha’s best employers. We know that to provide a great experience for our community, we have to start from the inside and build a great team of people. That’s why we work hard to elevate the sales and service skills of our staff so they can use their experience here as a stepping stone in their careers. How many times have you heard an employer say that before?

By offering delectable cuisine, signature cocktails, brunch, a great selection of beers, and a rooftop setting in the heart of a nightlife hot spot, we believe our unique environment is the ideal place for people in the service industry to advance. Our leadership team is committed to our continued growth, reinvesting dollars back in to make sure we’re always getting better, never taking shortcuts, and our foundation is set up to allow our employees to succeed.

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Into what you do
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If you got this far and found yourself thinking things like, “Well they sound cool,” or “Well that sounds like me,” then we want to hear from you. Send in your app below.

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